New Ex9C F-Type Electronic Coil AC/DC Contactors

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    Introducing NOARK's new Electronic Coil AC/DC Contactor

    The new Ex9C F-type IEC contactors from NOARK Electric provide increased protection and stable performance on any AC or DC system. Featuring an electronic coil, the Ex9C F-Type contactor compensates for changes in voltage fluctuations which eliminates noisy, contact damaging chatter conditions. With a more efficient design, this contactor offers valuable integral surge protection and less energy is required to operate the coil which translates to lower operational costs.The Ex9C F-Type Contactor is certified under IEC/EN 60947-1 and UL 60947-4-1 standards.

    • Four frame sizes with rated current up to 100 A
    • Coil control voltage 24~60Vac/dc, 48~130 Vac/dc and 100~250 Vac/dc
    • Integral surge suppressor – no need for separate component
    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Electronically controlled coil eliminates chatter – reduced wear and tear

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